Comparison Japanese Popular SUV In Malaysia Market

Comparison Japanese Popular SUV In Malaysia Market

June 23, 2019 Nissan Nissan X-Trail 1

Four Japanese Popular SUV In Malaysia Market

Four Hot selling Japanese SUV in Malaysia Market with price range of RM130k – RM170k.

Comfort and security feature for many consumers, comfort is always one of the most concerned indicators of car purchase, if the car comfort enough, if can add a lot of points. The attention of Malaysia Market compact SUVs in the range of RM130k – RM170k has always been high. With the opportunity of Malaysia Auto Show, we will make big comment on the rear comfort of these models to see who has the largest leg space and comfort.

4 Models of cars are in comparison list. Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail and Subaru Forester.

1.Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Everybody is must very familiar with Honda brand. Nowadays, there are still many such models in the streets and alleys. Honda entered the first model CR-V in Malaysia market on 1997, and now it has iterated to the fifth-generation model. Honda CR-V is also a popular city SUV.

The front part of the car has a very distinct Honda family style, with a hexagonal intake grille on the front face and a chrome-plated decorative mosaic semi-penetrating around it, extending to the position of the matrix headlamp. The Fog lamp design is very three-dimensional, prominent side lines, multi-frame sickle hub is particularly dynamic. The visual effect of the taillights is excellent. It adopts the new design style of “L” taillights. A broader chrome-plated trip runs through the taillights on both sides, which corresponds to the front of the car.

Honda CR-V space

Honda CR-V interior and old models have changed little, mainly in terms of configuration. The workmanship and tactility of the central console have been maintained at a consistent level. The arc shape of the central control has a sense of design. The stitching technology added to the central control panel reflects a delicate side. Central control layout is very simple, the handlebar is still set below the central control, adhering to Honda’s classic space theory, the car’s passenger and storage space are more humane.

Advantage: Large space, good appearance, mainly for family use, my wife and son can play poker in the back row, one meter six in the back row can fully straighten their legs, I can almost straighten one meter eight, fully meet the daily outing.
Disadvantage: The interior is a bit rough, but it’s not monotonous. After all, it’s impossible for a car to be so cheap without reducing its fittings. The noise is a little loud, which is acceptable only compared to the same level of cars.

2. Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

Although Mazda CX-5 is a late arrival compared with its rivals, as Mazda’s first “Skyactive Technologies” model launched worldwide, after its launch in 2012, Mazda has gained a new understanding of Mazda, which can be said to be a milestone model.

Mazda CX-5’s “Kenzo” design can reflect Mazda’s pursuit of motion. The rising waistline extends the strength of the front face, especially the C-pillar triangular window and spoiler effectively form a echo. The three-dimensional lines create a compact body visual effect. Full tail is equipped with dynamic tail, tail lamp shape has a high degree of recognition, unfortunately the tail lamp only uses ordinary halogen light source.

Mazda CX-5 Space

Mazda CX-5 interior style continues the family characteristics, all-black interior is still emphasized sport style, the middle piano paint decorative strip will be separated from the upper and lower console, the overall layout is clear and easy to use, three-spoke steering wheel feel excellent, barrel instrument is also one of Mazda’s classic designs, but the interior is less beautiful in terms of design aesthetics. Mazda CX-5 pushes back 10 cm through A-pillar, and the rear-view mirror is set on the door, which makes the driving vision wider.

Advantage: The design with high facial value and soul-stirring appearance is very sharp, which is very prominent in the same level SUV. The interior materials are good, and all the places you can touch are cortex and soft materials. The power output is very linear, the daily low speed is smooth and smooth, and the dynamic response is fast when driving intensely.
Disadvantage: Although the back row space is not too cramped, it has no advantage in the same level. The chassis has the disadvantage of throwing the body of the high-speed over-deceleration belt. NVH control is general, wind noise, road noise, tire noise are more obvious.

3. Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

Among the three SUVs, Nissan X-Trail is the latest one, which is the younger generation. However Nissan X-Trail sales are also one of the best SUVs.

The front of the car is also a family-style V-motion design language, slender and fierce headlamp design appears to be very energetic, very young and vigorous. The front bumper becomes more concise and fashionable. Personally, I prefer his slender and fierce headlights to be very energetic.

In the safety configuration, we add the alarm system of reversing side, blind zone of diversion, electronic parking braking system, tire pressure monitoring system and 360 degree panoramic image, which not only improves the safety of driving, but also makes these functions more practical for new cars. New Nissan X-Trail come with with 700L reserve box to ensure adequate ride and cargo space.

Nissan X-Trail space

Advantage: Fashionable appearance, interior layout is my favorite type. The fuel consumption is basically satisfactory, which meets my expectation. The 360 Panoramic Back-up is convenient and fast, and can be accurately judged without radar. Seats are comfortable. I don’t like cars anyway. I feel more comfortable than cars. Chassis high throughput.
Disadvantage: The main driver’s doors and windows and door switches are too backward to open. It’s a bit awkward to open them by hand. There is no night light on the two buttons.

5. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

The newest Forester looks a lot like its predecessor, and its dimensions aren’t much different. Its evolutionary looks mask a new, far stiffer platform shared with the brand’s Impreza sedan, Crosstrek crossover SUV, and Ascent three-row crossover SUV.

The new architecture gives the 2019 Forester a much smoother, more composed ride than before. Its handling remains lively and precise, if not as engaging as the Mazda CX-5. The Forester Sport’s 18-inch wheels and orange accents give it a zippy look, but its only sporty bona fide is a snappier sport sharp drive mode accessible at the press of a button.

Inside, the Forester looks a lot like its siblings. A 6.5-inch touchscreen for infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is standard, while uplevel trims use a flashier 8.0-inch touchscreen. The Forester’s front seats are firm and supportive, with height adjustment for both passengers. Its rear seat is especially spacious thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase.

Subaru Forester-space

The Forester excels at carrying cargo. Its tailgate opens garage door-wide to reveal a low liftover height and a boxy cargo hold ready for whatever owners throw its way.

Advantage: EyeSight (self-adaptive cruise is very useful, running deviation prompt is timely, anti-collision is very intelligent) is easy to use, reliable and easy to use. This is the highlight of the car, unique. Of all four-wheel-drive vehicles, the performance-price ratio is the highest.
Disadvantage: The speed-up is slightly slower, but acceptable.

Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V,Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester, four Japanese SUV models, have always has good performances and reputation. Nissan X-Trail advantages in comfortable seats and simple home interior. But Honda CR-V overall performance is more prominent, paying more attention to consumers pursuit of quality. Mazda CX-5 have the new Skyactive engine and sporty interior and the Subaru Forester is a well-equipped compact crossover SUV with standard all-wheel drive.

Which model is more cost-effective, I believe you have the bottom line.


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