Nissan Tokyo Auto Show

Nissan Tokyo Auto Show

November 3, 2019 tokyo auto show 0
new nissan leaf plus

Nissan shows black technology at Tokyo Auto Show! Windshield to AR screen calls virtual co-driver for chat.

new nissan concept car

Tokyo auto show on October 25 that Nissan released a number of new technologies at the Tokyo auto show, including making the windshield into an AR screen and its latest electric full drive system.

new nissan concept kcar
Nissan of Tokyo Auto Show

Nissan made the windshield into an AR screen that can be used to display vehicle information. Meanwhile, the driver can summon a virtual co driver to talk. At the beginning of this year, Nissan conducted a test in Japan.
Nissan’s all wheel drive system will use two motors, one on the front and one on the rear axle. Each motor drives two wheels. At present, this system has been demonstrated on Nissan LEAF plus.

1. The windshield can display vehicle information and can talk with virtual characters

At present, Nissan is actively developing a number of black technologies and wants to lead the development direction of smart cars in the future.
The company is developing a technology called I2V, invisible to visible, which debuts at CES 2019.
Overlay the vehicle information on the windscreen through 5G connection, which looks like a scene in a science fiction movie.

new nissan vr
Nissan officially released 12V technical concept

Another interesting thing about this technology is that it can call up a virtual character to talk, which improves the authenticity of voice assistant. But this idea is still in the conceptual stage, and cannot be launched in mass production vehicles now. Nissan believes that this function will play a role when the real driverless driving is realized.

new nissan vr
new nissan vr
Nissan virtual co-driver at Tokyo Auto Show

Engineers will model the surrounding buildings so that drivers can see the interior scenes of the buildings, quickly find parking spaces, and record things in daily life.
But it’s not clear if the technology is commercially viable, but Nissan started testing it in Japan at the beginning of this year, saying it’s not expected to be commercialized until 2025 at the earliest.

2. Nissan's electric all wheel drive system will be launched in 2020

Nissan is also developing a pure electric all wheel drive system to lay the foundation for more electric vehicles. The company said the system will use two electric motors to power it, one on each front and one on each front axle, similar to the approach used by Tesla and other automakers.
The company has demonstrated on the improved Nissan LEAF plus. The output power of two motors is 304 HP, which can generate 680 nm torque. The output power of the common front wheel drive version of leaf plus is only 214 HP, and the torque is 339 nm.

new nissan leaf plus
Nissan Leaf Plus

Nissan said it can precisely control the power generated. The all wheel drive system can distribute the power from front to back, or even transfer it from one side to the other. The system can be used in combination with the car’s brake to reduce the impact of the brake on the driver.
Nakajima Junxing, chief engineer of all wheel drive system, has said that the test vehicle uses the same 62 kwh battery pack as leaf plus, which will increase the range after adding the battery pack.
Nissan will put the system into production, but it will be slightly different from the test system in terms of specifications. It will be used for the first time on Nissan crossover cars in 2020 and launched in the United States in 2021.
It is understood that Nissan also plans to use solid-state batteries in electric vehicles. At present, automobile manufacturers are actively developing solid-state batteries. Under the same volume, solid-state batteries can hold more energy, and the electrolyte is made of nonflammable solid materials, so the safety is relatively higher.

nissan tokyo auto show

Conclusion: Nissan to explore the future driving technology

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled two concept cars at this auto show, both of which will be driven by electric power, which means that Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is more recognized for the trend of electrification, and will start the transformation of electrification.
In this context, Nissan is not surprised to develop pure electric all wheel drive system. From the self-developed powertrain system, Nissan still has great confidence in electrification.
On the other hand, after identifying the future development trend of the car, Nissan has also carried out some more sci-fi design. I2V technology has a sense of future. This technology aims to make the car more intelligent and inject more technological elements into the car.
Obviously, Nissan is already thinking about the future of the car.


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